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Turn Your Employability Struggles & Setbacks into Smiles & Success!


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Hi there! I’m Gabi Glover. Coach, trainer, guide, speaker and motivator. I have worked with thousands of people over the last 12 years.

I believe that confidence and the right speaking and listening skills can not only accelerate professional careers but transform lives—and, yes, potentially make you more money along the way! 


Once having been shy and withdrawn, massively frustrated and deeply unhappy, my life then became ingrained in deep rooted transformational and life-long learning. I developed my own approach, work models, and several of my own signature training programmes, including, Cracking Confidence™ (public speaking), Accelerating Achievements™ (goal setting), Taking Intensity of out Interviews™ (performance), Stopping Self-Sabotage™ (awareness) and Anxious to Achieving™ (personal change), among others. 

My clients range from early and experienced professionals to c-suite, start-ups, SMEs to freelancers and private individuals. 

Whether you’re stuck in a cesspool of frustration or self-doubt, struggling with nerves, judgement, imposter syndrome or simply feeling left behind or not quite where you'd like to be - personally or professionally.


If you want to accelerate the results and achievements, reading and leading others further, making better decisions, improve your confidence and performance and your speaking tool-kit. Our strategies and services are designed to help you close the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.

Now what’s stopping you from achieving the success you want?


Private One-to-One


Group or Team

Performance & Change 


Ambassador or Guest SPEAKER




Get where you want to be in your personal or professional life, while burning less time and energy than before. Receive support and ideas to help manage every-day challenges differently whilst nurturing compassion and making achievements happen more easily.


Feel more comfortable talking in front of others. Develop inner confidence and resilience. Cope better with nerves and uncertainty. And more!



3 ways of working with us: 1) We deliver your existing training as a freelance or associate trainer 2) Invite us in to deliver our own training to your people 3) Hear our ideas for how we can design bespoke training to suit your needs. 


Give employee-employer relationships clarity and understanding. Better engagement and individual/teams problem-solving skills. Businesses growing and people happy and progressing in jobs.



You can hire us to work in-house or on a freelance basis. Allowing you to benefit from our time, ideas, skillset, experience and support. At an hourly rate, on a monthly retainer or per project.


Measurably improve performance, outputs and results. Increase ROI and appreciate the value of your staff. Up-skill leadership and communication skills. Enhance engagement levels - learn how to read, lead and motivate others more effectively.



3 types of booking: 1) Receive speaker training for you or your team. Including content creation, practicing deliver and feedback sessions. 2) Book Gabi to speak on a set topic of your choice or one of hers. 


Improve your confidence and delivery. Increase results and impact. Enhance engagement and responses.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

“For things to REALLY change in our life, work and relationships, WE are the ones who need to change. That means transforming our thoughts, habits and behaviours."

- Gabi Glover

Let's begin!

SAY GOODBYE to cringing in conversation, people pleasing or worrying about work, and SAY HELLO to up-skilling, accelerating progress and transforming your life. We're working on bringing new features, audio and video content to help you in your journey very soon! Great things are coming to those who sign-up!

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