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Turning your public speaking stresses into smiles & successes!
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Experience & Qualifications

GDPR (IBM, 2018), Safe Guarding (NSPCC, 2017), Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (ENEI, 2016), Positive Action. Positive Outcomes (ENEI, 2016), Moving Race up the Agenda (ENEI, 2016), Working with the Autistic Spectrum (ENEI 2106), Self Love and Relationships Master-class (CPS, 2015), Pony Express Speakers Club (Own, 2015), Dealing with Stress Master-class (CPS, 2014), Warrior Spirit – Leadership (WA, 2014), Goal Setting (WA, 2013), Design Your Destiny (WA, 2013), The Human Energetic System (STW, 2013), Train-the-Trainer and Group Dynamics (ThinkBIGEducation, 2013), Journey of The Soul Advancement (STW, 2012), Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs (ACTION PLAN, 2012), Platform Speaking Skills Assessor (ThinkBIGEducation, 2011) , Modelling and Leadership Coach (ThinkBIGEducation, 2010), NLP Trainer (ThinkBIGEducation, 2009), Certified Neurological Re-patterning Practitioner (ThinkBIGEducation 2009) , Master Coach and NLP Practitioner (ThinkBIGEducation, 2009), Business Consulting and Performance Coach (ThinkBIGEducation, 2008) , Internal Accreditation Standards Auditor (Bentley Motors, 2003), BA Hons International Business (UCLAN, 2000)  x3 A-levels (Including A at Business Studies and x11 GCSEs (A* - B).

The Why

My Story

I was shy, socially awkward and I struggled to make myself understood. Speaking up in meetings was a challenge. I lacked self-confidence. My then habits and mindset were not helpful. I didn't know which way to turn. I was finding it hard to change how I was feeling or what I was experiencing or how I was being received and perceived by others.   

When I eventually learning some skills, solutions & strategies to help me with my speaking, confidence, performance and mindset, I found everything was jam-packed, rushes, and full-on, I hardly had a chance to take it in.

Having dyslexia on top meant that I was spending money on courses, coaching and reading books, was but no real chance or place to apply what I'd learned until a work scenario presented itself. I started my own group began to realise I have a great and geeky enthusiasm for problem-solving. Designing and delivering training exercises, programmes and so on was such fun!  

I do more work on myself than anyone.  For example, I joined a focus group - counsellors, therapists, bankers, scientists, CEOs,  all sorts where we took a topic such as judgement, fear or happiness and we would dissect it and study the 'unseen' parts and hidden rule book of the way the world and people work. It was utterly fascinating to me. I couldn't believe it.  I started to see myself and the rest of the world and my problems & client with new eyes.  Before long, I began to develop my own models, still working with the thoughts, mindset and behaviours but now also having consideration for all these other parts and aspects that we may not see but doesn't mean it is not there. The knowledge & awareness helped me deal with challenges and setbacks and change and uncertainty with new eyes. 

Now, the approach, input andd services I provide come from deeper knowledge, wider experience. I pretty much re-verse engineered a lot of stuff things from my 4 corners of experience - corporate office, sole trader, personal development, psychology and the unseen laws of physics.

Results with my clients changed as I started to teach them how to change their perception & approach to people problem solving, layering in these new healthy habits.  Undoing old unhealthy patterns that were once tripping up and keeping struck.

My clients and I now both enjoy seeing them get the upper hand, to attract more of what they want, cope better, have greater peace of mind and make more money!

Are you ready to improve your speaking skills, increase personal impact, employability, visibility and professional success? Book a FREE discovery call today!

How We Work Together


By Phone.

In person.

At your venue/event.

One off sessions.

Block bookings.

Set topics.

Contracted hours.

Agreed projects.



“During the workshop we worked on our personality skills. Gabi gave us lots of techniques that really helped.”

Olga Frankow, HSBC Project Manager

“I am effortlessly attracting more of my ideal clients thanks to Gabi's expertise.”

Erica McGinniskin, Osteopath

"I am very impressed by Gabi’s ability to adapt, providing me with the mindset, tools and questions that I need to apply."

Martin Burt, Property Investor

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